Backyard Putting Green

A synthetic green in Texas is already stunning on its own. Lavish and green, it brings the stylish appearance of a golf course to your backyard. However, there are still so many methods to tailor your synthetic putting green design so it matches your landscape completely. 

Owning a yard putting green has many advantages for both avid golfers and newbies. It will alter your game dramatically and enable you to have a good time at the same time. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be a professional golf enthusiast to value the experience of owning your own artificial putting green at home. If you think a BBQ brought the neighbors over, wait until you’re having weekly shootouts with friends and family.

Absolutely nothing brings individuals closer than enjoyable outside activities. Now that the enjoyment of expert putting can be brought to your doorstep, everybody can enjoy the fun and obstacles of an expert putting green.

Artificial outdoor putting greens can be as basic as a little poolside putting green, to huge scale re-creations of PGA tour putting greens consisting of water threats and sand traps.

PuttingGreen can develop and develop anything you prefer, huge, little, and throughout between.

The charm of a putting green without a border is the perfect transition into the rest of the lawn. In this installation choice, the putting area broadens into a pre-existing lawn. This design is sought after by homeowners who have ample open space and choose larger areas of lawn rather than sections of rock or mulch.

You might wish to set up a green to improve your putts on a slope, a flat surface area, or even a sand trap or water danger. Whatever skills you wish to sharpen, you can learn faster when you have the luxury of practicing in your own yard.

Custom-made Yard Putting Greens

A backyard putting green can form an attractive focal point as it stretches out in the corner of this waterfront home. No matter how distinct the layout, setting up a green will include something unique to your living space.

DIY Custom Putting Green

Think of the extra hours of practice without the inconvenience of traveling to the golf course. With a yard putting green, you are able to enjoy a decrease in membership expenses and parking charges since you will be spending less time and money on transportation.

Plus, you can practice more easily knowing you are only a few steps from your backdoor. Think of how your focus will improve without the distractions of the sights and noises of the golf course.

Putting Green Play Area

A putting green is something that some people want, but they are worried that it would take up too much room in their backyard. In fact, this situation would be ideal for installing a putting green because there isn’t enough space to be creative with only a little open section of yard. Instead, modify the area by including a putting green!

Customized Do It Yourself Putting Green

A golf practice area might visually improve the corner of a lot if you want to install one for novice golf fans. A putting green will also give a tiny space more visual harmony than it would if it were left empty.

You may wish to take advantage of openness and growth. Regardless of the kind of backyard you have, a backyard putting green can be installed to creatively blend with the style you choose.

DIY Putting Green Kits

Given that you hone your putting skills on actual golf courses, you might believe that investing in a backyard putting green would be a waste of time and money. Rest assured that if you want to precisely replicate genuine course components, you can customize a green to be as little or as big as you require.
In addition, you can also use berms to surround bunkers and sandtraps or develop more challenges on your putting green. Berms can be as high or low as you want, and they’re great for adding texture to your landscape.
Enjoy Your Really Own Custom-made Putting Green in Texas
An artificial putting green is ideal not only for golf enthusiasts but also for anyone looking for a more practical and appealing landscape that requires minimal effort. Whether you still wish to learn more about putting greens or are prepared to go on with your job, we’ve got you covered.


On average, the price of a synthetic putting green—which includes design, materials, and installation—ranges from $15 to $30 per square foot. However, these prices might vary greatly depending on the size of the green, its amenities, and other site-specific elements.
Building and maintaining natural grass greens both demand a certain amount of expertise. Synthetic putting greens are simpler to maintain, but installation involves a lot of equipment, specialised knowledge, and grass and infill made specifically for golf greens.
The best part about having a synthetic grass putting green in your backyard is that you can use it all year round. Install a putting green for backyard and forget all your worries.
It usually takes us a few days to set up smaller installations and larger ones can take upto two to three weeks. Nevertheless, depending on how much site cleanup and preparation is needed, many putting greens may be set up in under a week.