Find an Installer

Novice Installer

6 months -1 year in the industry. Will be challenged creating unique undulations. Unlikely to be able to create a Looking for a putting green’ without all the bells and whistles, a basic install may be perfect for You. Affordable and fun to play around on $15-$20 PERS

Intermediate Installer

Intermediate Installer green will cost $25-$35 per square foot. An associated installer is thoroughly tested and has proven their skill. An installer with a 1 rating will be capp their skill. and Intermediate Installer Rinstaller will not have trouble with 1500 square feet with multiple cuts of fringe and chipping areas synthetic golf green installer will rank within the top 500 articial golf green builders within the United States

Master Installer

Expect to spend $40-$50 PER
square foot for a green built with the most detail to layout and functionality. These are the builders best suited for
building bunkers, hazards, Par 3 courses. There are few Master Installers in the U.S.
is rare. Maybe only 50- 100 in the country. These individuals
have at least 15 years in the golf green construction industry. This type of installer usually travels across the country and successfully mobilizes and nds the right gravel and has background in construction and golf.