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Switching to artificial grass for putting greens will help you to free up considerable time, and money while adding a touch of class and a beautiful aesthetic to your property. Puttinggreen.com has putting greens that are ideal for both residential and commercial applications in Houston and all the surrounding cities like Bunker Hill, Afton Oaks, Tanglewood, Crestwood, Southampton, Hedwig Village, Boulevard Oaks, Memorial Park, Briargrove, East Shore, West University Place, Greater Memorial and all other surrounding areas.

Like most people, you want to play golf and relax without having to concern yourself with chores such as landscaping and watering. Our artificial putting greens store in Houston ensures you get beautiful, hassle-free golf grass for your home and business more easily and conveniently than ever before. In this article, we look at different services that puttinggreen.com offers in Houston and the price determinants for our Artificial Putting Green installations. Keep reading to find out!

The services we offer at Puttinggreen.com include;

1. Indoor putting greens 

Indoor putting greens are installed similarly to the outdoor putting green, but with indoor putting greens, there are no worries about rain or inclement weather. We install synthetic golf green inside your chosen area with Shallow “birdy” cups that allow for cups to be installed without interfering with the floor or foundation beneath. Our experts can also drill the concrete or wood to fit full PGA spec cups into your indoor putting green. Home golf putting green is the most effective, easiest and ideal way you

can practice putting indoors. We can also construct a full-scale golf training facility with sand traps and bunkers in areas like the unused basement, garage, roof, outdoor shop, or a showroom floor.

2. Synthetic Lawn & Landscape 

Houston is a city that is frequent with rain in the United States- nearly 50 inches of precipitation annually. This rain is enough to maintain green natural grass lawns. However, the weekly cost of mowing, landscaping and pesticide application keeps the maintenance costs high. Puttinggreen.com helps you to exit the hassles of natural grass. We have synthetic grass, a perfect addition to Houston-area homes and businesses. The variety of our artificial turf products looks and feels like real grass without all the fuss. We eliminate the need for pesticides and give a break to lawnmowers for good. Puttinggreen.com enhances your landscaping with waterfalls, stonework, walkways, and much more in any part of Houston.

3. Golf simulators 

At puttinggreen.com, we design and build custom golf simulators for homes and businesses. These simulators are incredibly accurate and allow you to play different courses worldwide, including the famous PGA competitive golf holes. Puttinggreen.com designs and installs professional indoor golf simulators that you can use to practice driving, chipping and putting skills year-round and without fear of the weather. These simulators offer a great gathering place for friends, family, and business clients. Moreover, the simulators come in various sizes and styles, suiting anyone’s home or business.

4. Backyard Putting Green 

Houston boasts some of the best public golf courses in the United States, like Black Horse and Wildcat, which are quite affordable too. However, you can now recreate and even invent golf environments for your home or business. Puttinggreen.com specializes in synthetic turf golf environments. We can design some of the most intricate and challenging synthetic golf environments in Houston that look like the golf courses you know. We have custom chipping pads and driving mats for professionals and amateurs to enjoy games. And the best part is that all our products are made here in the USA. You will have endless possibilities when you choose puttinggreen.com for your synthetic golf environment design and build. Our computer-aided technology creates designs for sand traps and water hazards just as you imagine them. Moreover, our synthetic golf environments have lifetime support and extended warranties. 

Cost Determinants

1. Project location 

Ease of access o the project location plays a vital role in determining the cost of the artificial turf because getting materials from one point to another can require extra tools and labor. Consider the cost of transferring rolls of turf, base material and sand to the job site, and the cost of removing materials such as cut sod or other landscape materials.

2. The Cost of putting green itself 

The price of putting green at puttinggreen.com will depend on the following: The type of artificial putting green for backyards would you like

  • The type of backyard putting green designs- the background design will determine the type of turf you need because different turfs have different cost levels. 
  • The size of putting green you want 
  • The number of holes you need to play on the putting green 

Puttinggreen.com offers a variety of backyard putting green installations in Houston, from simple indoor portable practice putting greens to professional deep sand-filled, long chip putting greens.

3. The features of your putting green 

The features and amenities you want to see on putting green determine the cost of putting green. For example, you may like shipping areas around the green for short ship setups, or you would like to add water hazards, walkways, dry river beds, and fringe to connect to existing landscape areas around your putting green. Puttinggreen.com has experts in putting green that will ensure that your putting green is what you envisioned.

4. The complexity of the synthetic backyard putting green designs 

If the putting green design is simple, the cost will be lower; if the putting green design and features are complex, the cost will be higher. However, at puttinggreen.com, we go through a detailed process with the client to ensure we give you the most accurate and cost-effective invoices for the selected designs.

5. DIY or professional installation 

If you are installing it yourself, you will need a good number of people to help in construction to make the work lighter and easier. However, the cost will be relatively higher if you have more people. The best way is to consider the cost of labor in hiring professionals to install your putting green. If you are looking for a speedy installation with uncompromised professionalism, Puttinggreen.com in Houston is perfect. We estimate all project costs to keep costs as low as possible and savings as high as possible. 

Final Takeaway 

Puttinggreen.com offers professional installation of golf courses around your backyard and your business. We specialize in indoor putting greens and golf simulators, among other services, as shown in the article. Our services are affordable and if you are in Houston, check out our Putting Green Store today!